Lillian Palmer Alderson


As a museum, we have a comprehensive acquisition and collections management policy as well as a collections management system for the recording of the accessioning, inventory, cataloguing, indexing and de-accessioning of objects. These policies are reviewed and approved annually by our Board of Trustees and Collections Committee on a regular basis.

Our collection continues to grow through the acquisition of artifacts and archives by donation or loans from individuals and institutions.

To search our library, access photographs, review newspaper articles and artifacts, or inquire about rates please contact:
Jason Beck, Curator at (604) 687-5520


Family heirlooms, photos, documents or recordings of BC’s greatest moments in sport – cultural and personal treasures.
The BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum (BCSHFM) accepts, through donations only, items that represent our British Columbia’s sport heritage if deemed acceptable through our collection policy.

Objects that are accepted by the BCSHFM are appraised and may be eligible for a tax donation receipt. The rules about tax receipts set out by Canada Revenue and managed by the BCSHFM. Tax receipts are issued, by request, for items at fair market value of the donated object. For items valued at over $1000, a written third party request is required.

Artifacts are only accepted when they meet the criteria set out in the BCSFHMs collection policy.
For further information or to make an appointment with our Curator, please contact:
Curator, Jason Beck Telephone: (604) 687-5520 or email

“The items I donated represent a lifetime of hard work and competition. The level of care they receive at the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum means their power to captivate and inspire young skaters will last for generations”.
Karen Magnussen, inducted 1972